The Need for Innovate

We're dedicated to creating customized outdoor advertising solutions and pushing the boundaries of out of home advertising to bring marketing ideas to life. By extending advertisements beyond traditional formats and into the real world, we enable brands to engage and connect with audiences on a deeper level.

An image of a digital Chicago Bus Shelter with a creative

NeoCon, Chicago Static Bus Shelter

Larger Than Life Advertising

Screwball Whiskey's latest campaign elevates its ads with a gigantic bottle and branded shot glasses that light up, bringing the display to life. To enhance the experience, scent dispensers emit a peanut buttery aroma, attracting commuters not only visually but also through their sense of smell.

A Branding Boost with Wraps

Even without grand buildouts, wraps on their own transform bus shelters into eye-level billboards, with larger-than-life creative designs that enhance the campaign's impact.

Just as Keytruda used wraps to engage ASCO attendees in order to attract booth traffic and assert its status as a pharmaceutical leader, Neocon’s bus shelter wrap is driving awareness and ticket sales to their own downtown convention. 


Meanwhile, Boost Mobile is attracting new customers with a bright orange bus shelter wrap that amplifies their latest wireless promotion among urban consumers who value a deal.  

Boost Mobile, Chicago Static Bus Shelter

This additional branding around the bus shelter significantly increases reach among pedestrians and vehicular traffic as these wraps achieve 29% higher impressions as compared to a standard bus shelter advertisement.

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