Consumers value humor in marketing

Humor is a powerful tool that brands can use to forge connections and break the barrier between them and their customers. Research from Oracle has found that 90% of people are more likely to remember a brand’s ad if it was funny and 48%  do not feel a meaningful connection with the brand unless it made them smile. Record label EMPIRE and chic bag designer Dagne Dover are leveraging humor effectively by tapping into viral trends most prevalent with Gen Z.

Dane dover advert in airport

Buzz generated from humor yields high retention

A major effect of leveraging humor in a campaign is the potential to create buzz through word-of-mouth marketing. Humor prompts people to share the advert with friends and family, automatically generating what is known as ‘Buzz Marketing’. This viral marketing technique focuses on maximizing the campaigns word of mouth potential, spurring conversations on a broader scale. Companies can benefit significantly from this increased exposure as it may translate heightened brand awareness and loyalty. In fact, a study conducted by Deloitte indicated that customers acquired through these channels have a 37% higher retention rate.

Understanding Gen Z humor

Gen Z humor tends to be fast paced and easily digestible, drawing on current events, social media memes and pop culture for comedic effect. Unlike older generations, Gen Z humor is constantly evolving, meaning that brands must stay up to date so that their campaigns can be relevant. Both brands have clearly integrated word play in their campaigns specifically tailored to an airport focused context, pulling inspiration from trends on the most popular social media platforms. This not only makes their advertisement appropriate for placement within airports but also effectively uses humor to resonate with travelers by highlighting common challenges associated with flying

EMPIRE advert

The importance of Gen Z Targeting

Gen Z is a constantly growing market, estimated to make up 32% of the population by 2025, with an estimated buying power of $143 billion in the US alone. Therefore, it is paramount that businesses understand and appeal to  Gen Z’s highly unique sensibilities if they wish to capture this market segment. As a generation that is characterized by a digital first mindset, having grown up in an era dominated by social media and technology, authenticity is vital. As a result of an increase in skepticism towards traditional advertising, brands who engage with consumers in meaningful ways and align with their values are preferred.