Advertising for Northwestern Medicine at Chicago Billboard

OOH Amplifies Organization Excellence

Northwestern Medicine wants you to know that they’re more than just another medical group.

In an industry where trust is everything, Northwestern Medicine is leveraging the public-nature of Out of Home advertising to showcase their most impressive accolades through a rotating series of creatives just a few minutes’ drive from their primary hospital campus.

Unmatched Reach of Metropolitan Residents

With over 200 locations including hospitals, immediate care, labs, rehabilitation centers and more, Northwestern Medicine’s outdoor activation allows for high impact engagement among a mass metropolitan audience.

Advertising for Northwestern Medicine at Chicago Billboard

All drivers who pass this bustling interchange upon their arrival into Downtown will be exposed to Northwestern’s summerlong campaign including those who reside within Cook County and Chicagoland’s surrounding sprawl.

An Established Market Presence

This long-term activation with total ownership of an iconic ad space builds a meaningful viewer relationship whereby Northwestern’s brand image becomes inherently tied to its urban surroundings.

Advertising for Northwestern Medicine at Chicago Billboard

Over the course of its nearly three-month flight, Northwestern Medicine’s campaign achieves 315 plays per hour, amounting to 5,985 total plays per day and nearly 42,000 a week. This always-on frequency guarantees multiple exposures among viewers and lends to successful message retention and recall.

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